Many thanks to all our supporters!

Many thanks to all our supporters!

Mai 2018

Women's Museums: Centre of Social Memory and Place of Inclusion
Ed.: Meral Akkent, Güldünya Publishing House Istanbul, 232 p., Istanbul 2017.

December 2017


25 September 2012

When, in January 2011, we began with the project "Women's Museum Istanbul" - Istanbul Kadin Müzesi ® (IKM) - it all seemed rather like a dream. However, we were always convinced that it was a dream that had the potential of realisation.

In June 2011, with a small group of volunteers, we then started to create the Women's Museum website. As time went on numerous more supporters joined us, both in Turkey itself and from many other countries in the world, so that the website could be launched in the Autumn of 2012. So the first step in realising our dream of a Women's Museum in Istanbul has been completed.

This website, that you are looking at now, could never have come about without the voluntary support and help in the areas listed below. We owe our thanks to

  • the sponsor of our website, BENETTON Turkey, for their generous financial support towards the realisation our website.
  • our graphic artist Alex Miskin (Odessa, Ukraine), who thought: "for your project the only possible font to use is the one designed by a woman graphic artist and named after a forgotten woman type-setter". Thus he designed the logo of the Women's Museum using the font Mrs Eaves designed by the American typographer Zuzana Licko.
  • the managers of the agency madebycat® Özkan Yurdusev and Begüm Eser, and also Aysenur Kurt, who co-ordinated the project. In the course of the work on creating the website our relationship grew way beyond that of client and service-provider, thanks to their ever-increasing familiarity with our project.
  • our numerous voluntary translators all over the world. Whether it was a public holiday, the weekend or late into the night, they sat and translated the Turkish texts into English, Italian and German for our website, without expecting any remuneration. They supported our project, because they all find the idea of founding a Women´s Museum in Istanbul very important.
  • our voluntary proof-readers all over the world, native speakers who meticulously read through and where necessary corrected the English, Italian and German texts.
  • our supporters world-wide who helped us to win over these voluntary translators from different countries for our project.
  • our old and new friends and helpers world-wide who have made information, documents and pictorial sources from their private archives available for use on our website and all the others who have given us valuable help for our research.

We owe you all unreserved thanks for your active involvement and valuable contributions towards the project Istanbul Kadin Müzesi® (IKM). You have accompanied us along our path, have given our project group strength through your presence and energy. And supported us in our first concrete steps towards the realisation of the Women's Museum Istanbul project.

Women's Cultural Foundation Istanbul

Translation into English: Lyndall von Dewitz, Oberasbach, Germany
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